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Smithfield Middle School:

Please read ALL instructions. Below are instructions for ordering your 2023-2024 school yearbook.

(1) Yearbook ordering is online only.

(2) Deadline: April 15, 2024

(3) You will need to enter the name of your student's homeroom teacher when placing your order. This information is used to successfully deliver your student's yearbook. Please verify this info before placing your order.

(4) A handful of yearbooks will be available for purchase in the main office on a first come first serve basis when the yearbooks are delivered. These typically sell out immediately. Therefore, if you do not order a yearbook online before the deadline, you should not expect to receive a yearbook.

(5) Yearbooks will be delivered to the school in late May or early June and go home with your student.

(6) Parents ordering multiple yearbooks for siblings should do so in separate transactions.

(7) Per school policy, students without a signed media release form on file with the school will NOT appear in the yearbook. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their student's media release form is updated with the school.

(8) Students who were enrolled at the beginning of the year but who did not participate in Fall pictures will not appear in the yearbook unless they submit a photo to the yearbook club. NEW students who enrolled AFTER 11/8/23 may participate in new student yearbook makeup day on 2/15/24. New student yearbook makeup day is not available for students enrolled prior to 11/8/23.