Blue Dominion Studios

20% of the net profit will go directly back to Georgie Tyler Middle School to support the school. Thank you for support!


(1) Ordering: Online ordering ONLY. Click "Specialty Products" to view smaller print options and special product options.

(2) Password:
Your password is your child's student ID number. You MUST "allow
cookies" in your web browser to access your photos. To view siblings,
click "add another password" and enter an additional student ID number.

(3) Photo Delivery:
Photo orders will ship in the mail to the address you provide. Photos
will NOT ship to the school. A nominal shipping charge will apply for
orders with physical products.



(1) clear your cookies

(2) click to "allow cookies" or "do not block cookies" on your browser

(3) close your browser

(4) open your browser

(5) navigate to the online gallery web page

enter the student ID for your child with just numbers and no special

characters, the email should be your personal email address